Dreams tie them together. Danger might rip them apart.

“An enthralling read, blending the pace of a thriller with a romance that is heightened by the urgency of impending war. Dreams and innocence are met with danger around every corner, loyalties lead to desperate choices, and trust is shattered even while hope and heroism struggle to emerge from an ever-changing landscape. Readers will enjoy this fresh WWII tale and see themselves in the story in a way few books of the genre achieve.”

—Camille Di Maio
Bestselling author of The Memory of Us

“James Tucker brings an era and a lost world to crackling life and fills it with richly imagined characters whose stories and secrets entangle in such a way that the reader cannot help but follow them into the tale. Perfectly paced and tense as a wave about to break. You can’t put this novel down.”

—Marya Hornbacher
Pulitzer Prize–nominated author of Wasted

“Filled with emotion and well-researched details of the period, The Paris Escape transports the reader to World War II in the very best way. The evolution of Laura and Henry’s relationship, from dubious travel companions to romance, touches the heart, and the addition of David to their small circle pulls at the heartstrings even more. The Paris Escape is breathtaking World War II fiction, and book clubs will enjoy it immensely!”

—Anita Abriel
Internationally bestselling author of The Light After the War

“Social expectations and injustice collide in this breathtaking love story, taking readers through a heart-pounding journey that explores the deeper meaning of family.”

—Cynthia Ellingsen
Bestselling author of The Lighthouse Keeper

The Paris Escape Book Cover

The Paris Escape

When Laura Powell and Henry Salter travel to Paris in 1938, neither considers the other very good company. Laura is a shallow, spoiled heir to a fortune, and Henry an opportunistic bore—or so they think. But as her father’s protégé, Henry is tasked with accompanying Laura for her safety, even as she continues to scorn him.

Orphaned stowaway David forces the pair to see eye to eye. They can ignore their growing feelings, but they can’t deny the boy’s need for protection. Yet even with this tentative truce, their problems are far
from over.

The threat of war continues to grow until the Nazis occupy Paris. But Laura and Henry have opportunities they’re not willing to lose, and a home with David means more than safety outside France.

Before danger overtakes them, they’ll have to decide if the life they’re building can withstand what’s coming… and whether they have the strength to fight for it.

Coming October 29, 2024

The Buddy Lock Novels

Also by James Tucker...

Buddy Lock could have been a brilliant musician—but he chose to be an even better cop.

Once a prodigy at the piano, Detective Buddy Lock walked away from Carnegie Hall and now uses his talent to solve crimes, becoming the NYPD’s most accomplished and unique homicide detective. He’s tuned in to clues nobody else even recognizes.

Still haunted by one mistake that cost an innocent girl her life, Lock now risks all to make amends, to survive his private hell, and to protect his new family. It’s the reason he can never stop working to mete out justice—and punishment—on the streets of New York City.

Part Harry Hole, part Jack Ryan, Lock delivers.

The Paris Escape Book Cover
The Paris Escape Book Cover