It all began with Ben...

“In Tucker’s impressive first novel and series launch, NYPD Det. Buddy Lock… keeps the excitement level high throughout. The surprise ending will leave readers impatiently awaiting Buddy’s next outing.”

— Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Direct and fast-paced, Tucker’s debut takes readers on an adventurous ride that extends from questions about custody of a young charge to an art deal that may have its roots in the exploitation of Jews in World War II.

— Kirkus

“Terrific plot! And Buddy Lock is a cop protagonist that’s a delightful departure from the norm. I’m whole-heartedly recommending NEXT OF KIN.”

— Mike Lawson
Author of the Joe DeMarco thrillers

“Gripping from its opening lines, NEXT OF KIN is a white-knuckle page-turner, where ruthless power, murder, and crimes hidden for generations create an intricate, utterly absorbing tale. The life of a vulnerable young boy hangs in the balance, and Detective Buddy Lock must find the killer before it’s too late. Simply a fantastic read.”

— Marya Hornbacher
Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of Wasted, The Center of Winter, and Madness

The Paris Escape Book Cover
The first two chapters of Next of Kin are available to read online »

A New York homicide cop stands between a small boy and a vengeful serial killer.

A New Year’s Eve celebration begins with the pop of a champagne cork—and ends with the bone-chilling screams of a killer’s victims. Ten-year-old Ben Brook is the lone survivor of the brutal murder of his wealthy family at their upstate New York compound. But from the moment he evades death, Ben’s life is in constant danger. Can NYPD detective Buddy Lock keep the boy safe from a killer intent on wiping out the entire Brook clan?

Which of the next of kin will be the next to die?

When two more massacres decimate the Brooks’ ranks, Buddy’s hunt narrows. But his challenges grow as power, money, and secret crimes from the family’s past stand in the way. With the boy more and more at risk, Buddy steps closer to the edge, forcing a relentless killer to become more brazen, brutal, and cunning. Saving the boy will put all of Buddy’s skills to the test . . . and risk the lives of everyone he loves.

Buddy Lock could have been a brilliant musician—but he chose to be an even better cop.

Buddy Lock walked away from Carnegie Hall when he realized that a career as a piano prodigy was his father’s dream—not his own. But his musical skills make him New York’s best homicide detective. He can spot clues that nobody else can see. He’s also made a mistake that cost an innocent girl her life. It’s the cause of his private hell, but also the reason he works so hard to deliver justice. He never gives up. He’s relentless.

Book Two of the Buddy Lock Thriller Series

The Buddy Lock series continues in The Holdouts, a breathtaking thriller of power, corruption and murder.

When a Long Island fishing crew makes a horrific catch – the bodies of an Asian couple dragged up with the trawl from the Atlantic – Homicide cop Buddy Lock knows there isn’t a chance in hell that this is some tragic accident.

But as soon as his investigation begins, so do the warnings to back off. They’re not only coming from within the NYPD, but they’re hitting close to Buddy’s heart—his new family has become the killer’s target.

When other people start disappearing from Chinatown, Buddy finds himself on the trail of a killer whose motives are become more twisting and far-reaching than he imagined. A killer who knows just how to get to him—by pursuing everyone he loves.

Now, Buddy can trust only himself—even as his relentless pursuit of justice is plunging him into the most brutal waters of his career.

The Paris Escape Book Cover