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A detective is pressed into guarding a 10-year-old boy who's the last surviving member of his family.NYPD detective Buddy Lock is surprised when lawyer Ray Sawyer calls him and asks for his help solving the murder of a family upstate. Buddy's jurisdiction is limited to Manhattan, and though he's flattered that Ray would want his help, he doesn't think he knows anything that might solve the New Year's killings of virtually an entire branch of the wealthy Brook family. Even so, Buddy agrees to look into the case along with his brother Ward Mills, an expert in safe houses and human behavior. While they investigate Camp Kateri, the site of the murders, Ray is asked to care for the last remaining Brook, Ben, who somehow managed to escape while his parents and sister were killed. Whoever murdered the rest of Ben's family comes after him while he's in Ray 's care, and though Ben survives, the lawyer's wife is killed in the attack. Convinced that the killer will stop at nothing until he's dead, Ben begs Buddy to keep him safe. Buddy agrees to bring him to the home he shares with his girlfriend, Mei. The two work round-the-clock to care for Ben and keep him safe, and Mei bonds with the traumatized boy, offering him mothering while he's most vulnerable. Buddy and Ward do their part by researching the Brook family tree to find out who might have something to gain by killing the eponymous next of kin.

Direct and fast-paced, Tucker's debut takes readers on an adventurous ride that extends from questions about custody of a young charge to an art deal that may have its roots in the exploitation of Jews in World War II.

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Early in Tucker’s impressive first novel and series launch, NYPD Det. Buddy Lock receives a call from attorney Ray Sawyer, who’s representing 10-year-old Ben Brook, a member of a wealthy Manhattan family. Three days earlier, on New Year’s Eve, someone murdered Ben’s parents and his sister with a hatchet at their house in the family camp complex in the Adirondacks. Ben managed to elude the killer and phone 911. Sawyer, who’s now Ben’s guardian, begs Buddy to help find the killer. Buddy, whose own family broke up because of his excessive devotion to work, hesitates to take the case for fear of jeopardizing his relationship with his new girlfriend, Mei Adams. Nevertheless, after a failed attempt on Ben’s life, which results in another death, Buddy agrees to take charge of the investigation. Buddy’s battle of wits with the vicious killer keeps the excitement level high throughout. The surprise ending will leave readers impatiently awaiting Buddy’s next outing.

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