To root out the worst, it takes NYPD’s best. 

The Buddy Lock series continues in The Holdouts, a breathtaking thriller of power, corruption and murder.

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The Holdouts 

When a Long Island fishing crew makes a horrific catch - the bodies of an Asian couple dragged up with the trawl from the Atlantic - Homicide cop Buddy Lock knows there isn’t a chance in hell that this is some tragic accident.


But as soon as his investigation begins, so do the warnings to back off. They’re not only coming from within the NYPD, but they’re hitting close to Buddy’s heart—his new family has become the killer's target.

When other people start disappearing from Chinatown, Buddy finds himself on the trail of a killer whose motives are become more twisting and far-reaching than he imagined. A killer who knows just how to get to him—by pursuing everyone he loves.

Now, Buddy can trust only  himself—even as his relentless pursuit of justice is plunging him into the most brutal waters of his career.

“An addictive page-turner with nonstop action, The Holdouts deftly weaves a story of secrets, corruption, and the captivating allure of power. Running beneath the thrilling mystery is the thread of family—and the sacrifices needed to keep them safe.

You’re rooting for the compelling Buddy Lock all the way to the heart-pounding finale that has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end.”

— Brianna Labuskes, Amazon bestselling author of It Ends With Her

It all began with Ben…

A New Year’s Eve celebration begins with the pop of a champagne cork—and ends with the bone-chilling sreams of a killer’s victims…  

Once a prodigy at the piano, Detective Buddy Lock walked away from Carnegie Hall and now uses his talent to solve crimes, becoming the NYPD’s most accomplished and unique homicide detective. He’s tuned in to clues nobody else even recognizes. 

Still haunted by one mistake that cost an innocent girl her life, Lock now risks all to make amends, to survive his private hell, and to protect his new family. It’s the reason he can never stop working to mete out justice—and punishment—on the streets of New York City. 

Part Harry Hole, part Jack Ryan, Lock delivers.